What was it?


March 8th is International Women’s Day and we had an evening showcase of women working in design, creativity and tech around Tech City in East London.

We invited everyone (men,women and young people) to join Bethnal Green Ventures, Makielab and many others in an evening of demos, food, craft beers and wine hosted by Poke. It was amazing.

We did this in celebration of the achievements of women in technology, design and creative industries in East London, and bring together our community, encourage a shared and engaged converation.

Tickets are FREE.

Help us raise funds that evening for Women’s Solace Aid.

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Where and when?

March 8th 2013
18h30 to 21h00
biscuit building
10 redchurch street
e2 7dd

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Who is behind this?

@iotwatch, @theleadingzero, @NatashaCarolan, @anabrdly who all work in and around Hackney.

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